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I was coaching a young teacher this week and as we looked at how well she was ‘knowing herself to lead herself’ she gasped and said, “I’m in abdication! I’m not leading myself at all; I am too busy leading everyone else” How easy this can happen. I find myself there more than I like to admit. When the travel schedule gets hectic, a family member has a crisis, and a few unknowns pop up throwing off schedules, we can find ourselves completely out of touch with our own needs and our own structures that keep us energized and whole. Consider this little not as a gentle reminder to check in with yourself today. Take a few deep breaths and ask three questions: 

1. When was the last time I had a solid day of rest and refreshing?

2. How much stress am I holding in my body and how tired am I?

3. What can I do today to bring either rest, something encouraging, or take back a healthy routine that kept me properly challenged?

Honestly, you will impact more people in a liberating way for longer if you stop and check in with yourself and figure out what you need and prioritize YOU!

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We live in an age that feels like all that matters is growth, whether it’s production, revenue, market share, you name it. Where do people fit into this? Where does your growth as a leader and the development of your team fit into growing profits? Well, do you see people as an asset, or a liability? Do you and your team get up excited to come to work everyday? I want to help you see yourself, and your team, as assets. True success can’t be experienced without people, so when we develop better people, we build better and stronger organizations. Let me come alongside you to help you “Know yourself to lead yourself” and to help you accomplish your goals. Don’t wait, the future starts today! Click below to contact me and let’s talk about what the future looks like for you.

Proactive exercises for leading yourself effectively through 2018